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Activated Alumina

Air-Tech’s Activated Aluimina is used for drying of air, gases, liquids. Purification and conditioning of insulating oil and industrial oils. Activated Alumina is also used for Removal of acidic impurities and trace metal scavanging in organic streams and inorganic gases. Removal of oil vapors from gases. Purification of drinking water e.g. removal of floride compounds etc. Activated Alumina can be used in refrigeration circuits, transit packing for goods like electronic, pharmaceutical and food. Activated Alumina as catalyst & catalyst bed support / carriers. Activated Alumina is also used as fire retardant fillers.

Activated Alumina are :

Highly porous form of aluminum oxide.
Capable of adsorbing and holding moisture withour change in form of     properitis.
Chemically inert to most of vapors and gases.
Non-toxic and will not swell or disintigrate when immersed in water.
Highly resistant to shock and abrasion.
Capable of producing Dew Point up to (-) 80 Deg.C. under specific     conditions.
Regenerable emloying temperature: With dry gas : 120 Deg. C. - 150     Deg.C. With dry gas : 200 Deg. C. - 250 Deg.C.
Stable up to maximum reactivation temperature of 315 Deg.C. without any     appreciable reduction of useful life.
Capable of being reactivated for almost unlimited number of times.
Activated Alumina
Specification of Activated Alumina :

Form : Sphere (Balls).
Size : 2-5, 3-6, 5-8 mm
Bulk Density : 0.75 to 0.85 Gms/Liter.
Surface Area : 345 to 415 M2/Gm.
Pore Volume : 0.40 to 0.50 CC/Gm.
Adsorption Capacity (at 60 % RH) : 21.5 %.
Attrition Loss : 0.2 %.

Application of Activated Alumina:

Activated Alumina is used for
drying of high pressure air feed and gases up to Dew Point of (-) 70 Deg.C. and organic liquid to moisture level of and below 10 ppm. The gases and liquids that can be dried using Activated Alumina are as follows :
Gases : Acetylene, Air, Ammonia, Argon, CO2, Cl2, Cracked Gas, Ehane, Ethylene, Freon, Furnace Gas, He, H2, HCL, H2S, CH4, N2, O2, Propane, Propylene, SO2 etc.
Liquids : Benzene, Butadiene, Butane, Bromine Chloride, Butyl Acetata, Cabrbon tetra chloride, Chlorobenzenes, Cyclohezane, Ethyle, Hexane, Hydraulic Oils, HF alkylation feed, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Lubricating Oils, Naphthas, Nitrobenzene, Pipeline products,Hylene, Refrigerants,Vegetables Oils, Transformer Oil etc.
Apart from drying, due to its high porosity and large surface area, Activated Aluminas are also used as CATALYSTS & CATALYST CARRIERS. The reactions involving Aromatization, Dehy- deration, Desulfurization , Hydrocarbon cracking , Hydrocarbon Synthesis , Hydroforming, Oxidation, Hydrogenation  and Isomerization etc.
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