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Compressed Air Dryer / Heatless Air Dryer / Dessicant Air Dryer / Instrument Air Dryer

Why do you need Dry Air ?
Atmospheric Air is sucked by air Compressor which basically contains water vapour & dust. Besides, in lubricated type Air Compressors, oil is present in the air compression chamber, traces of which are present, in compressed air in Liquid / Vapour form, which condenses into a heavy gummy oil varnish.

Heatless Air Dryer

Condensed moisture together with dust and oil in compressed air leads to emulsion formation causing following troubles:

Formation of rust & scale, clogging orificies, resulting in malfunctioning of tools,    controls & instruments.
Freezing in air lines causes malfunctions & damages to process Equipments.
Increased resistance to flow.
By corrosion of air or gas the instruments can give false reading disrupting product    quality.
Rust & scale contaminates products when compressed air is used in mixing and    processing.
Bubbling effect in spray painted / Powder coated items.
Sluggish operation of pneumatic equipments.

Operation Of Ideal Compressed Air Dryer / Heatless Air Dryer / Dessicant Air Dryer / Instrument Air Dryer:

If the temperature of the compressed air is more then 40o C then it is necessaroy to provide AFTER COOLER which should ensure the outlet temperature of 400C. During this cooling process, some moisture condenses which is removed our from prefilter. If the Air compressor is non-lubricated type then there is no need of Activated Carbon Filter, but if the Air Compressor is lubricated type them Activated Carbon Filter before Compressed Air Dryer / heatless air dryer is must. The characteristic of Activated Carbon is to remove the oil vapour totally from the compressed air. This ensure the full life of the desiccant in Compressed Air Dryer / Heatless air dryer . The HEATLESS type Air Dryer is the simplest & Economical Air Dryer with Activated Alumina Molecular Sieves as the desiccant. The twin Absorbers of Air Dryer is filled with these desiccant and is assembled with 3-way, 2-way, control valves and interconnected pipings. The Air Dryer / instrument air dryer follows the Drying sequence of 10 minutes. Here one absorber of dessicant air dryer is under drying cycle for 5 minutes and simultaneously the other absorber of air dryer under goes for regeneration and equalization process for (4 + 1) 5 minutes respectively. The changeover of the absorber takes place with the help of sequence timer. The moistured air and regenerative air is drained out through the individual silencer of the absorbers provided at the bottom hence super Dry Air comes from the top of the Absorber & is taken to your process for your applications. During this cooling process, some moisture condenses which is removed from prefilter.

Salient Features :

Super Dry Air by low investment.
100% Oil & Moisture free air with Dew Point of (-) 40oC ( <80ppm) to (-) 80oC
    ( 0.3ppm).
Low Electric power consumption.
Pre-filter with automatic drain trap, results efficient pre-filteration.
Calibrated needle valve to adjust purge flow.
Reliable sequence " TIMER" for automatic changeover of the absorber.
Maintenance free 3-way & 2-way control valves.
Best imported quality desiccants are used in Air Dryer.
No moving parts. Hence negligible maintenance.
Air Dryer is Fully automatic for operation.
Installation of Instrument Air Dryer is very easy - just make the air connection and plug in the electrical power cord.
Skid mounted Air Dryer need no pounds.

Flow Scheme Diagram :
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