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Dew Point Meter / Moisture Meter :

The Air-Tech's Dew Point Meter is an economical, single channel, aluminium oxide dew point meter. Our Dew Point Meter ensures low cost, accutate, real-time moisture measurements. Air-Tech's Dew Point Meter uses Thin-film aluminium oxide moisture sensor probe, which is rugged, accurate, true absolute humidity sensors with Calibration. Its Exceptional dymanic range, speed of response and calibration stability have made the sensor probe the standard for performance and value in industrial moisture measurement for over decades. Our Dew Point Meter are suitable for moisture measurement in gases and liquids over a wide range of process conditions. The microprocessor based Dew Point Meter tracks fast changing process conditions and displays dew / frost point temeperature in Deg.C of Deg.F on a 6-digit LCD.It feautres built-in optical isolation to ensure the integrity of signals to recorders, computers and other remote devices.
Dew Point Meter

Specifications of Dew Point Meter:
Range : 20 Deg.C. to (-) 110 Deg.C.
Accuracy : + 2 Deg.C.
Sensor:Thin Aluminium Oxide Film Sensor in separate housing with cable
Display : 1-Line, 6-Digit backlit LCD
Display function : Dew / Frost point temperature Deg.C. or Deg.F.
Temperature : 0 Deg.C. to 60 Deg.C (Operating)
Output Signal : 4 to 20 mA
Power Source : 220 V AC Mains.
Repeatability : +0.5 Deg.C.
Alarm System : Audio / Visual.

Application of Dew Point Meter :

  Cooling of Compressed Air
  Compressed Air Systems
  Air Dryers
  Regenerative Dryer Systems
  Plastic Air Drying Systems
  Semiconductor Manufacture
  Ultra High Purity Gases / Gas Mixtures
  PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator and Oxygen Gas Generator.
  Process Industry
  Medical / Hospital Air Systems

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