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Nitrogen Gas Generator

What is PSA Process?
“PSA” stands for Pressure Swing Adsorption. This is the separation technology which separates Nitrogen and Oxygen Molecules from rich compressed air. Commercial nitrogen production process usually employ Carbon Molecular Sieves as adsorbents. These process depends on kinetic separation accomplished by a faster diffusion of
Nitrogen Gas Plant

oxygen molecules through the pore structure of the adsorbent. The Oxygen is adsorbed to its equilibrium value much faster than Nitrogen. This is because Oxygen which is smaller in size (kinetic diameter 3.46 A.o) diffuses much faster in Carbon Molecular Sieves than Nitrogen (kinetic diameter 3.64 A.o).

How Does it Works ?
Nitrogen Gas Generator comprises of two beds filled with imported special grade Carbon Molecular Sieves and 08-Nos. control valves interconnecting both the beds. The compressed air at 7.0 Kg/Cm2G is passed through the bottom of the bed-1 and Nitrogen is recovered at the top at 5.5 Kg/Cm2G pressure while the other bed is simultaneously regenerated by depressurization to atmospheric pressure.

Models of Nitrogen Gas Generator
Gas Composition
Model ATLP Model ATHP Model ATUHP Model ATSUHP
Nitrogen Upto 98.0 % Upto 99.9 % Upto 9.9999 % Upto 99.9999 %
Oxygen Upto 2.0 % Upto 0.1 % Upto 1-3 PPM Upto 1 PPM
Hydrogen NIL NIL 0.5 % NIL
Atm.Dew Point (Deg.C) (-) 40 Deg.C. to
(-) 80 Deg.C.
(-) 40 Deg.C. to (-) 80 Deg.C. (-) 60 Deg.C.to (-) 80 Deg.C. (-) 40 Deg.C. to
(-) 80 Deg.C.
Model ATLP and ATHP of Nitrogen Gas Generator:
This is the basic and simplest model of Nitrogen Gas Generator, Which produces commercial grade Nitrogen upto 99.9 % purity. Still if further high nitrogen gas purity is needed then one has to add more quantity of Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) where purity of 99.999 % can also be achieved. Always higher the purity. Higher would be the investment and higher would be its running cost. These models are strictly recommended upto the purity of 99.9 % .
Nitrogen Gas Plant
Application of Nitrogen Gas Generator:
Blanketing in Process Plant, Chemical & Petro-Chemical Industries.
Storage against Oxygen and Moisture.
Pressure transfer of sensitive Chemicals.
Packing against Oxidation Contamination in Food, Dairy,    Pharmaceutical.
Fire Control in Coal Mines.
POY / PFY process.
Model ATUHP of Nitrogen Gas Generator:
In addition to the basic simplest model yielding 99.0 % Nitrogen, Hydrogen (from Ammonia Cracker or from Hydrogen Bottle) is mixed and is passed through a Palladium based Deoxo unit where the below specified reaction takes place :
O2 + 2H2 2H2O + Heat
After above reaction the product Gas would be with higher temperature which is cooled down in a Heat Exchanger and simultaneously its moisture is removed by the Gas Dryer.The Gas Composition of this model comprises 1 to 3 PPM of Oxygen content and 0.5 to 5.0 % Hydrogen which is desirable as reducing agent in most of the Heat Treatment Application. Atmosphere of desired composition and character is made by selective addition of Hydrogen / Hydro-Carbon, Methanol to Nitrogen as appropriate to specific heat treatment process and metals to be treated.
Nitrogen Gas Plant
Application of Nitrogen Gas Generator:
Heat Treatment Application to avoid Oxidation in Metallurgical     Industries
Nitrogen Based Control Furnace whose atmospheres in heat     treatment process like Annealing, Normalizing, Carburizing,     Hardening etc. of metals.
All type of Chemical, Food, Dairy, Petro-Chemical, Pigments, Paints,     Packing Industries etc.
Model ATSUHP of Nitrogen Gas Generator:
This model is suitable for Oxygen free Nitrogen. The product Gas comprises 1 PPM Oxygen and Zero Hydrogen (or adjustable as desired). This Composition is achieved by adding a module called Copper-Deoxo consisting of Cupric Oxide. The following would be the chemical reaction :
02 + 2Cu --------------> 2CuO
After above reaction the product Gas would be with higher temperature which is cooled down in a Heat Exchanger and simultaneously its moisture is removed by the Gas Dryer.
Nitrogen Gas Plant
Application of Nitrogen Gas Generator:
Semi-Conductor application
Electronics etc.
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