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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator
Compressed Air Dryer
Ammonia Cracker
Shell / Tube Type After Cooler
Oxygen Gas Analyzer
Dew Point Meter
Automatic Drain Valve
Control Valves
Activated Carbon Filter
Activated Alumina
Molecular Sieves
Carbon Molecular Sieves
Nickel Catalyst
Palladium Catalyst
   Our Services  

Always Maintenance and quality spares are needed for Plantís efficient and trouble free operation. We provide satisfactory services and cost effective ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT of all the above mentioned Equipments. Further we, also maintain the adequate inventory of all the essential Genuine Quality Spares like :

Activated Alumina
Activated Carbon.
Carbon Molecular Sieves
Molecular Sieves For Gas Generator.
Molecular Sieves For Air Drying Application.
Nickel And Palladium Catalyst.
PSA Changeover Valves.
Air Drying Unit Control Valves.
Sequence Timers For Nitrogen Gas Plant And Air Dryer.
Solonoid Valves.
Non-Return Valve
Auto Drain Valve.
Air Filters.
Oil Lubricators .
Pressure Indicators.
B-1/B-2 Class Mircofuel Sensors For Oxygen Gas Analyser.
Nitrogen Gas Rotameter.
Pressure Switch.
Differential Pressure Switch.
Back Pressure Controller.
Oxygen Gas Analyzers.
Dew Point Meters.

Always spares are available with us at BARODA in Ex-Sthesetock. The Technical excellence of our Product and Prompt Satisfactory Services have won us a PREFFERED SERVICE ORIENTED and SPARES SUPPLIER STATUS with almost all the leading Organization using above Equipments in their process.

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